Put it simply, a brand is your business asset. An intangible asset that constitutes a large portion of your company’s valuation. A strong brand equity helps businesses minimize the risk and positions it for future growth.

In this rapidly evolving world, staying ahead of the competition while driving profitable growth is harder than ever. It requires global business leaders to reflect and focus on key drivers that really make a difference.

Strong brands have high brand equity, which essentially is the value of the brand in the marketplace. They are easily recognizable and communicate the clear value proposition of a company, product, or service that customers can relate to. According to recent studies, intangible assets often constitute up to 80% of Fortune 500 companies overall market valuations, with the brand being a key driver behind such intangible value. Brands that have a meaningful point of difference and can emotionally relate to customers ultimately have a much higher potential for growth than do other brands.

Building brand equity is an investment that requires time, patience, and well-designed brand and marketing strategy. There are many important building blocks when it comes to building brand equity, where differentiation and strategic positioning demonstrates unique value to customers, while the unique voice and clear and consistent communication are what makes that brand effective.

Strong brand equity allows companies to capture the highest profit margin in the long run. Every day, we help visionary B2B-focused organizations determine their value proposition, develop a unique brand identity, accelerate their ability to establish brand recognition, and ultimately build brand equity – all while delivering marketing ROI and driving value to their stakeholders.

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