As the saying goes, you can’t fit the square peg in a round hole. Nevertheless, all too often businesses forget this basic principle of physics.

Businesses forget to identify, or simply disregard their unique brand value propositions. This leads to an identity that is not only difficult to identify but even harder to relate to.

By forcing to fit the square peg in a round hole businesses risk of losing their loyal customer base and becoming “just another” brand in the market.

Stop trying to be just like everybody else. Instead, identify your unique brand value propositions and stay true to who you are as a brand. After all, defining your brand value propositions should be your very first step in the overall brand management framework.

We would argue that, even more importantly, is the company’s ability to communicate its brand value propositions clearly and consistently. This allows organizations to form meaningful connections with their target audience and build brand equity.

By shifting the focus to the unique brand value propositions, B2B businesses can tailor their strategic brand building process so that it is both functional and results-driven. It eliminates the friction of trying to fit the square peg in a round hole and gives the brand a fair chance to reach its potential.

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