Creativity Unleashed: Open-Spaces and the Positive Workplace Culture

Remember being a kid once? We certainly do. Climbing up a tree to read, or running outdoors to clear the head and find inspiration for that deliverable project due the next day. As we enter the workforce, a typical day for most of us is spent at the office, at our dedicated desk. And whether it’s a cubicle or a shared desk, the “open-space” office design can be far from open.

COVID-19 has forever changed how business operate. At APPETITTE, we continue to experiment with how and where we are most productive. Since its founding in 2017, we deployed a diverse workplace policy allowing maximum flexibility based on the task at hand. After all, it is directly correlated with our team's creativity, well-being, and productivity. It helps us build positive workplace culture. 

At times, most of our time is spent at our clients' locations, especially during the initial corporate brand and marketing discovery stages. Other times, we benefit most from working collaboratively in person or virtually from any location in the world.

Today, we took our office outdoors and had some fun recharging our minds while brainstorming a corporate marketing strategy for our client.

Whatever your business’ workplace policy is, remember that you are the one who writes it. A policy that’s well-aligned with your company values and focused on the well-being of your employees positively influences your corporate culture. It helps you build brand equity. Invest in it and it will pay huge dividends in the long run.

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